May 18, 2011

Parking Permit

90% of the parking is TOW ZONE

I have spent all day looking at the town web site finding all the rules on different parking areas. One of the cool things about living in your car is that, technically, you can live downtown, beach side, or anywhere else for free, at least short term. One of the not so cool things is that, very often, finding a place to sleep is a major headache. Normally, when I can’t find a good, semi-legal, inconspicuous camping spot, I just drive until I do. It might be down the street or the next town over, but there’s always someplace around to park. Right now I have to be somewhere very near school and in a place where (should the go-go gadget red car die suddenly) I can stay without trouble for a few days. This is proving difficult. Quite honestly, the town I’m in may be a college spot but it’s also kind of upper class. The rich folk tend to frown on my dinged up rig being parked within a mile of any of their homes, which limits my options.

As you may remember, I have spent the last several days trying to get an answer from someone (anyone) at the college about whether I can live on the grounds with a parking permit. The parking dept said to talk to physical plant. Physical plant said to talk to the police. Police said to talk to parking services. The solution to this merry-go-round? I got a parking permit this evening and will cross my fingers that, if they are so unwilling to say it's legal, they will be equally unwilling to say it isn't. It makes sense in my head, so lets go with that.

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  1. I enjoy your blog. i can't say why, just came across it, and it seemed... interesting. and most of all real. I look foward to your updates. Thanks for sharing.


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