July 26, 2011

Fall Classes

I just signed up for my last fall class! Because I was approved to take extra credits (20 instead of 18), I had to wait until today to sign up for that last class, in order to give the other students first pick. Of the four courses I wanted to a take the only one still open was Contemporary African American Literature, which I have no experience with but looks kind of fun.
  • Foundations of Education – Education minor
  • Intensive Literary Study – English Major
  • Contemporary African American Lit – English Major
  • Victorian Monstrosity – English Major
  • Theories and Perspectives – Sociology Major (Finishes BA #1!)
  • Elementary Spanish – Global Education Requirement
I’m looking forward to most of these, but I’m really excited about Victorian Monstrosities. We get to read Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde, classic Victorian monster lit. These classes are also heavy on classic reading and most of my course books are on Kindle for free. So, after this fall my Sociology BA will be done and I’ll have to take:
  • Biology - Gen Ed (Winter 2011 - Online)
  • Film and Literature - English (Winter 2011 - Online)
  • British Writers - English (Spring 2012)
  • Shakespeare - English (Spring 2012)
  • American Identities - English (Spring 2012)
  • Medicinal Herbs - Global Ed (Spring 2012)
  • Upper level English - Gen Ed (Spring 2012)
  • Spanish II - Global Ed (Spring 2012)
If I don’t keel over, then by June 2012 I will have two BA (English and Sociology) and a minor in Education. After that I'll be a real adult again and have to walk boldly into the world, this time with a better map. I've already started applying to jobs, or at least requesting info, but I have a long way to go.

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