July 5, 2011

Feels Like a Monday

Back to work after a three day weekend and I can’t get out of my own way. I didn’t feel like fighting the crowds last night, so I found a nice spot on a hill a bit away from the fireworks and chilled on the grass. Woke up to my alarm this morning and realized there was someone picking up cans outside my car. He just stopped what he was doing and stared at the Go-Go Gadget Red Car in confusion. Those neoprene black out shades I made for the windows have been working really well but I’ve noticed that they are holding a lot of heat between the neoprene and the window. When I take them down in the morning there’s this rush of super hot air so I’m surprise that the cab is staying so cool at night (cool being relative of course).

Ok, one week left of my second two classes and then I’m onto the last class of the summer. Where did the time go?

I want to take a minute to welcome Kristin and her boyfriend David to the gang. They are in the beginning stages of on the road living. You remember that point where you start selling off your stuff and trying to visualize what will fit in an RV/Van/Car/etc? I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of her so stop by her new blog, Ready for Departure, and lend her some of your awesome advice. 

Oh, one more quick note: I found a breakfast place that serves awesome sounding food for pretty cheap and I might be able to fit it into my budget on weekends. On top of all the stuff listed here they also serve biscuits and honey for $1.50 or grits for $.95. Three cheers for real food!!
$.30 on sale
Pasta Side
Leftover Tacos

*The Pasta Side is made by Knorr and super tasty. Add water and microwave for 14 minutes. They also do rice!


  1. Have I mentioned eggs? even at two bucks a dozen it's cheap protein. They keep for a reasonable time if not refrigerated especially if not fertile. I have kept unwashed eggs for more than a month on my boat without refrigeration. They will not keep forever boiled but they will keep for a long time. They keep for a looong time if boiled, shelled and dropped into a pickle jar from which you have eaten enough pickles to make room. You nose will tell you if they should not be eaten. There is 5g of protein and 5g of fat (2g saturated)in a large egg. Never mind the cholesterol, that is a bogus government scare.
    They can be cooked in a microwave but please not in the shell. That is too exciting. I have boiled them in an electric peculator, over a sterno (canned heat) stove and many tin cans over make shift fires of all kinds.
    Two eggs, hash browns and toast is usually best value on a menu. Better to add another egg than to add meat. Meat cost too much for what you get. Boiled eggs are often very reasonable on a cafeteria line. Pickled eggs used to be reasonably price in truck stops and convenience stores. I am a little out of touch with them now.

  2. Go for an ostrich egg and you can eat like a queen for the week.

    Too much?


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