July 26, 2011

Night At The Opera

After work yesterday I went searching for a cool place to hide and found a huge auditorium on campus with a big stage and very comfy seats. I put my laptop on a chair in the center of the stage, loaded my opera playlist, and cranked the volume. Sitting in the fourth row back for almost an hour basking in the high notes has motivated me to find cheap tickets for Symphony Hall in Boston this fall.If you've never been, it's amazing and one of the only reasons I venture into cities at all.

When I emerged from my private concert, it had begun to rain and all the mugginess and heat had been sifted right out of the air. It wasn't pouring, just a nice warm summer drizzle that I happily stood in before heading back to my concert hall for supper. All the fixings for french bread pizza were on sale this week so I stocked up on pepperoni and pre-shredded cheese. I was also craving something sweet and found a four pack of fresh biscuits at the bakery for $1.99 and a can of cherry pie filling for $1.50.

On my way to my evening parking space, the Go-Go Gadget Red Car hit 193,000 miles. The heat of the past week has done a number on the Velcro supporting my window blinds, so I'm planning to replace some of it this coming weekend. I'm also looking for good ways to attach hooks inside the car for my numerous "room bags" (I'll explain those later). Enjoy the beautiful weather.


  1. Down here in Charleston there is a music festival each year called Spoleto. It is two weeks filled with the most amazing performances. They have ballet, opera (we saw The Magic Flute this year), Jazz you name it you can see it. One of our friends had introduced us to ushering for the event a few years back. So for just about a half an hour of easy work, you get to see these shows for free. I think it is the best deal in Charleston. Is there anything like that up where you are? I think you would enjoy it!

  2. Hey there,
    in regards to the falling Velcro, you can buy a squeeze tube of Hard as Nails or PL 9000, use it, the velcro will not fall down again! I just spread it on, make a lane on the sticky part then apply, hold it for a moment or two, keep pressing etc, and voila, permy velcro

  3. In the town I live in, all Summer they have free concerts in the park, look to the city/community to see if there are some there that are free as well.

  4. I've been looking around for free concerts (or very discounted ones) and they appear here and there. That at least gets me my blue grass fix, but I haven't found a good classical one yet


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