July 9, 2011

A Soaked Saturday

I woke up this morning and got dressed (I’m getting super adept at dressing in the back seat). I lazily got into the driver’s seat, started the car, and began to back out of my overnight parking spot. It rained on and off all day yesterday and the black bag on my roof must have collected a puddle of water. Of course the whole puddle empties right onto my head through the open sun roof. I was drenched and just sat for a moment, mouth open, fingers outstretched, shoulders up, getting my bearings. Good morning Saturday!

My "New" $10 Outfit
Campus is one big traffic jam thanks to a field hockey tournament. Kids everywhere and license plates from New York driving down bike paths looking for parking. To escape the hubbub I headed for Salvation Army for some thrift shopping. I also stopped at one of my favorite places (post to follow shortly) and took a bunch of pictures.

In other news…

You may remember from previous posts that I have a nephew, M, who’s six years old and just finished first grade.  About a month ago someone got M a dollar tree bow and arrow which he was having a blast with. My sister was about six when she shot her first hand gun so I figured, what the heck? For his graduation present I got him a ½ hour archery lesson. It was one on one and they provided all the equipment for $25 so it was a great deal. He finally got to take the lesson yesterday and had so much fun that I’m going to try to find him a more permanent instructor with Fish and Game or 4-H. I’m fine with very little kids, they’re fun and all, but I love the age when they start getting interested in stuff other than plastic cars and Elmo.

I have a couple of things I’d like to try out today so stay tuned,I'll post an update tomorrow barring any major mishaps...
Pecan roll*
Tuna Salad
Subway Sandwich


*Day old so half price and it’s huge so I’ll have it for tomorrow too
** Right on the money!

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