July 23, 2011

Air Conditioned Shopping

I love shopping for my nephews, I just think of all the things I enjoyed when I was a kid and that gets me pretty close. One thing I haven't had to do in a very long time is shop for a little girl. It's actually really fun! The crafts stores were having weekend sales today and I found all sorts of great stuff. Like a butterfly mood necklace for $1.99 and a velvet flower journal for $1. They even discounted silk flowers and I got a really nice bouquet for $1.20.

Honestly, half the reason I spent so much time window shopping today was because it is hot as blue blazes outdoors and the optimal shopping temperature is 63 degrees. We just hit 96 degrees here in Massachusetts, which is down from yesterday's 101 degrees, but still super uncomfortable. The classroom wasn't cold enough so I found myself a nice basement auditorium and hunkered down with a few Bob Hope films. After going through all my juice I went in search of a cold soda and found that every vending machine on campus was sold out.

So there it is, I'm hiding from the heat with a pad of construction paper and plan to litter the campus with monster bookmarks. Unfortunately I'll have to leave at some point for food... Hope you're all lucky enough to have cool place to camp until the next ice age.

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  1. Yes I am in a nice " COLD" McDonalds right now on free WiFi.


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