July 19, 2011

Bracing For August

There is a point in your life when you look around and the vast majority of your friends seem to be married and having children. It’s July 19th, horrifically close to the end of the month, and my calendar for August is crammed full of birthdays, baby showers and friends coming to town.

August 5thDrive to New Hampshire after work
August 6thA Birthday party for S and L, a second and third grader
  • I’m still looking into presents. The second grade girl like dress up and the third grade boy likes books
August 7thA day with the nephews, M and C
  • C and I are having a few hours of window shopping for flowers and we are making dinner
August 8thLeave NH early for Breakfast/Brunch in Mass with Victoria, a friend from my second college who I haven’t seen in over 8 years
August 8thDinner and Salvation Army with Rose and Jo
August 13th Dinner with Susanna
August 16thMum’s Birthday
August 21stEm’s Baby Shower

Add to this that I'm trying to visit two friends before school starts and in between all of this is work, class, and a few pay days (thank goodness). I’m going to take advantage of the 40 hour work week because, after next week, things are going to get crazy.

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