July 4, 2011

$5 Road Tacos

May not look like much but...
It’s the 4th of July, if the firecrackers didn’t tip you off, which means amateur hour in college towns around the country. Downtown was blocked off for part of the day for the parade, but I managed to get out to see California Clare and her husband Juan for a glass of strawberry lemonade and a chat in the sun.

So today was my first full day on the new meal plan, living cheap and (semi) healthy. I basically snacked on veggies for most of the day but they were just not hitting the spot, so I went back to the suggestions. The Old Fool (whose name turns out to be highly deceiving) recommended some south of the border cuisine. I got tortillas, corn, spicy refried beans, and a block of cheese for less than $5, which is awesome in itself, but I’ll totally have leftovers for lunch tomorrow so that's $2.50 for a very filling meal. I was a few cents over budget but considering that tomorrow I should be under budget, that’s not bad. Now I’m off to find a cozy place to watch the fireworks. Happy 4th everyone!

Large Tomato with
salt and oregano
$ 1.79
Baby Bella Mushrooms
$ 1.99

$ .99

Green Pepper
$ .66
Refried Beans

Canned Corn

10 sm flour tortillas

Cheddar Cheese


PS: Forgot to mention that I slipped an ice cream (one of those nut covered good year things) into my budget. Come on, It's a holiday!


  1. Not enough fat or protein in the breakfast so you will be hungry. I love mushrooms but add butter or cheese for fat and protein. Cucumbers are good but leave me hungry. Same with bell pepper.
    Beans and canned corn make a whole protein and will satisfy hunger. Canned beans and home cooked beans are cooked the same so you lose nothing by eating them canned. Flour tortillas are essentially white bread edible paper plates and are good carriers for all manner of things including peanut butter and avocado.
    I have resorted to Fritos and cold or heated canned beans mixed. Makes a whole protein and somehow satisfies me.
    Getting the proper amount of fat is the secret to not being hungry. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate but there are essential fats and for me it only takes a little but if I leave it out I'm hungry.
    Do you have a cigar lighter in the car and do you drive enough to keep the battery up? If so there are things marketed to truckers you might find useful.

  2. I'd be more concerned with protien. Hard boil eggs at work? Also, keeping a cooler in the car, freezing water (at work?, ) in half plastic milk containers (rotating 2 or three of them) may give you more options. those cheap silvery hot/cold bags, inside a cooler can really extend ice.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. They sell chicken in those same bags as tuna. You can make chicken tacos with it. Oh and look for refried black beans if they have it in your area. Healthier and they really make the tacos rock!

  4. Ha! that's about the same thing we ate yesterday at a park waiting for the fireworks =o)Except for we had string cheese...


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