July 14, 2011

Hasta Luego Front Seat

THE screw
Before I start my happy dance for having done this I have to acknowledge the ridiculous back story. I've been meaning to remove this seat for about a month if not longer. Everything I read made it look like, if not a major process, it was going to be time consuming. Each time I went to do it there was rain in the forecast or people in the parking lot... something to make me believe I did not have an hour to dedicate to this project. 
Today I finally got my act in gear, found a secluded spot, and emptied the passenger seat readying it for removal. One screw. One gosh darn (this is a kid's show) screw was all that held the stupid seat in place. Not even a big honking screw, but a tiny brown pathetic looking thing whose only job was to keep the seat from sliding all the way back and out. If I didn't already have my pliers out I probably could have even uncrewed it with my bare hands.
Don't mind the mess...

So it was a little anticlimactic, but the seat is out. Until I talk the folks into storing it the seat is turned around giving me access to my bureau from inside the car (very helpful). I still have a long way to go, the back seat has to be removed, but I wait on that until I have someplace to put it. I'm just very happy about all the new space! Now I really need to vacuum...


  1. It's always scary to see what's under the seat! Are you planning on adding some plywood, and making a decent floor/bed area?

  2. very cool,so whats next on your car

  3. I see you were once a hand model. By any chance will you be giving a yegoogley for the chair?

  4. Arathi, Yes! Once I get the back seat out I really want to put down some plywood for a floor and have storage underneath. The floor is really uneven so that may be a challenge.

    Bornybornscheib, Next the back seat is coming out then I need to figure out a frame for the bed

    Steve, I think the scars and calluses add character but the those fashionistas disagree. I am unfamiliar with the art of yegoogleyizing (sp?)... If you're asking if I'll burn it on a pire than my father is trying to dissuade me from that.

  5. Sometimes the hardest thing is just to start. After one starts the task at hand, everything else just seems to fall into place. :)

  6. Its great to customized your seats just dont forget those basic safety measures.

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