July 29, 2011

Welfare and the Weather

A dark and cloudy day that keeps threatening rain but never delivers. Having left my umbrella in New Hampshire during the last trip, I bought a new one first thing this morning. Instead of the classic black and white I chose in the spring, I went with large smiley faces, easily spotable from across campus. I made another sweep of downtown (still no sign of the bike) before parking and walking the fifteen minutes to campus.

I bought a shirt and two cheap canvas bags at Goodwill last night before settling in to My Favorite Blonde, staring Bob Hope and Madeleine Carol. I also brought out the yellow dress and did some more alterations. See, I mentioned it!

After writing a three page paper on the evils of eugenics as a form of poverty control, I feel completely drained and generally disgusted in humanity. I had a professor last semester who said that the danger of education is that once you know the facts, you are forced to act upon them, or acknowledge that you are willingly ignoring them. He was speaking to future social workers in the context of the welfare system, claiming that knowing the system is broken should force us to rage against it, or at least not work within it. I’m now engaged in a heated debate with my fellow classmates about selective middle class morality being imposed in the lower classes without sufficient proof of benefit. I feel bad that I seem to have hijacked a sociology course on family relations to rant about the welfare system, and I have a feeling I’ll be getting an email from the professor pretty quick.

We’re over the heat hump in the northeast and getting ready for the warm days and cool nights of August. Hope your neck of the woods is equally cool.

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