July 18, 2011

Mood Architecture

It was a beautifully sunny day today. The forecast called for thunder storms, and for a while there it felt like they were coming. You know when the air gets so dense with water that just walking through it feels like hiking through surf? The air starts to take on the taste of the flowers or grass around it? That's the kind of weather that makes me plead for rain. No such luck though, after a few dark patches, the blue sky came back into view.

I spent the afternoon sitting on a bench reading Call of the Herald, by Brian Rathbone (Sounds like a fake name, right?). Not bad so far (I'm on chapter five) but kind of a teenagy fantasy sort of book, which isn't normally my thing. I had to take some pictures of the architecture for you. Reading a good book can transport you, but being in an interesting place can only add to the experience. It's kind of like drinking wine from a crystal goblet versus a glass one; There's no concrete proof that the taste is enhanced, but psychologically it certainly doesn't hurt.

The pants I bought at Salvation Army a few days ago are literally falling off after wearing them all day (I hate that!), so I'll probably be breaking out the needle and thread to try taking them in a bit. How is it Monday? What happened to my weekend?

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