July 6, 2011

It's so HOT

You know those nights when you dream so much that by the time you wake up it feels like you haven’t slept at all? Last night the Wal-mart crew was doing some outside stuff involving forklifts and I kept half waking up in panics. I remember someone reached through the passenger window and took something from the car and a little girl was being given cheese at an outdoor deli counter… There was a lot of other strange stuff that doesn’t really fit with either of those things but wow, I feel like I’ve been running around all night and work is my down time. On top of it I woke up with Blink 182 in my head and haven’t been able to get it out. I’m seriously considering finding some Weird Al Yankavitch just to shock it out of my system.

I didn’t have time to get breakfast and shower this morning so I chose the shower and a Coke from the campus vending machine. I’m also out of coffee… That omen ranks up there with circling vultures and dead crows. 

On a bright note I met up with an old friend and walked around campus in the blistering heat. Highs in the 90's today and muggy as all get out. I'm going to wuss out and go take a nap...
Rice Side
Salad Bar (4.99/lb)


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