July 28, 2011

Bike Thief

Do you ever have those days where the world refuses to cooperate?

Last night I house sat for California Clare, who took a trip with her husband up to Maine for a much needed oceanside get away. I got a six pack of Sam Summer and some pasta on my way to the house, and spent the evening watching lots and lots of television. I even got to sleep in a very comfy bed, which made it super hard to get up this morning. So I fed the cats, fed the ducks, fed the chickens, filled their water, got dressed, and drove the hour to work.
Everyday I get up, drive downtown, park the car, lock the car, unchain my bike, ride to campus, and chain my bike to the raining in my building. This morning I drove downtown, parked the car, locked the car... no bike. Some little twerp stole my bike! I just stood there for a few minutes. You know when you have a routine down and suddenly one of the usual steps is removed? It takes a minute to come out of automatic. I like to think that some homeless dude is tootling down the Pike on a red walmart bicycle, but it was probably some drunk 20 something with bolt cutters and no conscience. Whoever has it better watch themselves, I'm libel to tackle them if I see it in town.

So this is fate's way of telling me to walk more. Well screw you fate! I like biking better! No money for a new one, but bus service starts up in a month and it would take that long to order a new one anyway. At time like these I start listing all the good things, like the fact that it was 70 this morning and very comfortable. I also talked to the English Department yesterday and they are accepting extra courses, so my major will require the same number of classes as the minor would have. hmmm... Maybe it's just time for angry music.


  1. That really sucks! I hope you catch the person responsible, and clock them once for me. I abhor thieves!

  2. When I was 17 some kid stole my bike at school, what he didn't know was I was running behind him as he was going down the street at a good clip. I almost caught that *#&$^$% son of a b, had my hand on his shirt but bikes are a bit faster than us and I couldn't pull hard enough to yank his butt off the bike, the pure panic on his face as he rode faster and faster was comical.

    I tried to find him in school but he must have been from somewhere else because I never saw him again. It's probably best I didn't catch him, I would have ended up in jail!

    Hopefully you find a better bike and a better locking mechanism! :)


  3. Sorry about your bike loss. Check craigslist & the local paper you might get one cheap that way.

  4. Really sorry to hear about the bike. Most of humanity is ok - some folks just lose touch with their humanity from time to time. Search goodwill and freecycle.com for another bike. If you catch the thief, remember *not* to tackle the rider. Been there - done that. Chipped a tooth on the bike frame. I did get the bike back though!

  5. sucks about your bike, you waited longer to get then to have it, but walk is beneficial. I hope fate changes course and the sun shines on your days


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