July 11, 2011

Half Leg Sun Burn

Yesterday a friend of mine drove up for a visit so I accomplished nothing: the perfect Sunday. A small group of us sat around a fire pit drinking PBR and chatting for hours and then got Chinese food (No, I am not acknowledging this in Today's Tucker). I got to sleep inside with a fan (yeay!!) and was woken up at 4am by an attention seeking black lab puppy who sat on my head. I've got an awesome half leg (and neck) sunburn that I can't wait to even out. Thanks again to Donna and Liz for hosting!

So on Saturday I promised some updates about experiments I was trying out.

#1: You may remember my quest for the perfect solar oven and how my extraction from the campus parking lot has necessitated a more incognito solution. Well I may have found it. I got a black roasting pan, much like this one, for $2 at Good Will. On Saturday morning I put a box of Rice a Roni and some water into the pot and stashed the roaster on top of my car. That thing that really hot and by about 4pm I had some nicely done (very) slow cooked rice. It's going to be in the low 90's today and I kind of with I'd thrown something on the "stove" before heading to work this morning.

#2: My second project of the weekend was going to b the removal of the front passenger seat using these awesome directions that Steve, of Haven 106, sent me. Unfortunately, due to my high alcohol intake, that didn't happen but it's coming so bear with me.
¼ lb Salami
¼ lb Pepperoni
¼ Provolone

6 Grinder Rolls



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  1. oOoOOooo ... missed this cause of the training class they got me in this week. Danke for the mention/plug!

    Have you had a chance to remove the seat yet?


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