July 13, 2011

Sleeping Spaces

Sleeeeep. One of my favorite things to do. I’ve lived short term in my car for years and never put a lot of effort into my bed. I had a sleeping mat, like you would use while camping, and my awesome giant comforter, which I’ve had for years and will someday be buried with. When I moved back into the car a few months ago I knew that a good night’s sleep would be vital if I was going to be at work and school during the day. After some research I found a free futon mattress that fits great (it’s a little long) and that’s been working great for me. People have all sorts of great ideas for making their car a home. Check these out!

This is my bed!
Simply Belle used an air mattress in the back of her car
 The Wolf Trail made this great plywood frame
Van Guy converted his van and posted step buy step at Cheap RV Living where there are dozens of other awesome conversions
This is the inside of a converted Astro Van done by Robert Wells
Van too small? How about this converted garbage truck?

So there are dozens of great ideas out there, people who have started with a shell and converted it into a really great and useful living space. Go to Cheaprvliving.com for great tips and tricks for conversions and remember that necessity breeds invention.


  1. Guess we don't need to ask how the love life is ;-) Love ya! ~Laurie

    1. actually this is a good topic. Often modern nomadic people travel alone, unless they are blessed by an understanding other or others.

  2. Hows the seat removeble coming your, pic looks like you have alot more room then i thought

  3. Seat removal is slow... It's either raining or there are a ton of people in the parking lot. I need an evening of peace and quite to get it done without looking like a crazy person:)

  4. You ALWAYS have something interesting !!! Love your blog Ash !! Thanks !

  5. It's fun to see others' sleeping spaces. Mine is a twin sized conventional mattress stretching behind the driver's seat to the back door.

    I enjoyed the pics. Your blog is fun and interesting. It's got lots of great reference material.

    Brad aka Van Trekker


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