July 14, 2011

Boxer Shorts

Today has me thinking about battery power and seriously considering something like this $54 powerpack from Xantrex. Wouldn't it be great to run a little fridge or even watch laptop movies before bed? What if my car battery died in the winter? I could jump it with my 14lb portable battery set up and store it under the seat the rest of the time. Someone save me from my unnatural love of awesome gadgets! Well, it's on my wish list though probably not happening for quite a while.

After work yesterday I made a quick stop at Good Will. I wasn't looking for anything specific, but that's usually when I find the best stuff, and today was no exception. We will look back on July 13th as the day that started my love affair with men's boxers. I have a bone to pick with society: Why do men get to wear these awesome pattered under-drawers (peppers, rubber ducks, hamburgers, etc) while women wear totally uncomfortable lacy frilly things and the less material they have the more money they cost? I want trains on my underwear! Anyway... I got myself some awesome boxers with chili peppers and am making them into the world's most kick ass shorts. They were only $3 and way more comfy than jeans.
Wow, so that's Thursday thus far. It's cooler today than it has been in a while so this might be the time to remove that passenger seat/stop procrastinating. 

The Uhaul place down the street has a beautiful box truck with 150,000 miles for $2,500 so I'm trying to find the money/justify the expense. The car works fine for my needs and right now that much space just seems like an unnecessary luxury. But I want it! Stay tuned for more Practicality vs. Wallet wars.


  1. My daughters always wore boxer shorts under the school uniforms(Catholic School) and my middle daughter wears them to bed at college.

    Sometimes space is a good thing, but you need to do what is best for you


  2. The only time I wear underwear is when it's cold or when I need light weight shorts then I wear boxers. My spouse wears boxers as shorts regularly. If they had pockets they are the only shorts I would wear. Mmmm..I have a sewing machine and that gives me an idea.
    When a female wears boxers as shorts it's cute, when a male wears boxers as shorts he is running around in his underwear. ...silly humans...
    Truck = higher cost (more gas, more expensive tires, higher licence fees, more for insurance, less parking options, less opportunity to be invisible. But...
    More room to put stuff, full time bed, more privacy, more convenient and the right to call it an RV. Besides you want it.
    The Emergency Power Supply is just that. It contains a small high output battery that requires maintenance and don't let anyone tell you different. All batteries require maintenance of some sort. The first things that go in any powered vehicles of mine is pliers, screwdrivers, block to set the jack on (a jack and lug wrench if it doesn't have one)and a rag to wipe hands. The a good set of jumper cables. I have carried jumper cables for years and not used them but for the rare times (maybe 10 times in 50 years) I have needed them they were golden.

  3. Boxers are so comfortable. love em!

  4. Hey good post and funny as well. My friend took my military boxer shorts, sewed up the front and then she used them as shorts for years!

    Congrats on the seat removal,
    also you can not run your fridge on that little doodad, it is way too small. If you want a wee fridge look to Wally World, or Canadian Tire, they have a Coleman chest type fridge that runs on Propane/DC/Electric plug in. That little power-box will only keep it working for about Three hours!

    If you do get the U haul, you can convert it, then re-cert it with the DOT as an RV, that way the insurance is about 1/4 what a truck is. Moving around a little bit, is not that much more expensive than your car, moving from Town to Town, will be lots more expensive. The tires are commercial tires and they last a good long time, although they are not great in the winter time, unless you drive slower.. much slower.


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