July 8, 2011

First the Wallet...

I locked my purse (and by “purse” I mean REI bag) in the office over night so I couldn’t make the hummus I was planning (no debit card). Instead I scrounged in the cooler and came up with peanut butter, a white onion, tuna fish, half a tortilla, and three jolly rangers... I made some dry tuna salad so that worked out, but I need to stop leaving/loosing stuff. Speaking of, the folks called to say that my wallet had been mailed to them by some good Samaritan, so I can look forward to getting my license and coffee punch card back within a few days. I’ve been getting along fine without the license but I’ve been missing out on the free coffee.

So TGIF! Very excited for another weekend, though I don’t really have anything special to do. I have to say that one of the main reasons I left office work and management was because I hated spending five days looking forward to two days. Schedules like that just feel totally unnatural and claustrophobic. I keep reminding myself that this is a means to an end. It helps, of course, that I enjoy my day job, not really because it’s mentally stimulating but because I like the people I work with. Anyway, I couldn’t set my alarm last night because my phone/alarm was in the purse (in the office). Luckily the Wal-Mart crew has become my personal wake up call and some twit was doing parking lot wheelies on a fork lift at 5:30am. It was probably good that I woke up then because we had a five minute freak downpour and I was just conscious enough to close the sunroof. I’m gambling today that with the on and off rain the parking enforcement won’t want to exit their vehicles to see what lot my permit is actually for and will assume it’s for the lot I’m in (very close to campus). The parking garage is $15, a ticket is $15; it could pay off.

My goals for the day are to find a new book (having just finished Concrete Underground), make sure my wallet is in the mail, return my school parking permit (I know, I know: I keep forgetting), check on my United Nations application, write some long overdue letters to friends, and sort clothes so I can start to practice sewing. More to come I’m sure, but enjoy your Friday. I’m off to drown myself in coffee.

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  1. I just found your blog. Someone put up a link on the vandwelling yahoo group. I love it. I'm working through reading all of it.

    My wallet was just mailed to my parents this week too, by some good samaritans. It turned out to be nice to live without any access to money for a week. It helped me realize how much stuff I really do have. I could probably live for a month or two off the food in my kitchen if I had to.

    I'm moving into my van in 4 days!


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