July 22, 2011

Monster Bookmarks

With so many birthdays and showers coming up I’ve been combing the internet for fun and inexpensive DIY gift ideas. I don’t have room to store leftover supplies so I need to get exactly as much as I need and either beg, borrow, or steal the smaller quantities. I also don't have money, so I'm talking dirt cheap. Today I started making the gifts for birthday #1, the third grade boy who loves to read, and I thought I'd post the projects as I do them.So here we go!

Monster Bookmarks from I Could Make That

Go to the website for directions, but these are so easy I had four of them done in about ten minutes. They even have an easier version that just uses the corner of an envelope! Supplies are: scissors, a glue stick, envelopes, and colored paper. Easy, fun, and cheap!


  1. Oh my goodness - these are Sooooo cute! I'm off to check out the tutorial now and make some of my own! what a brilliant gift idea!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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